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Chinese Characters And Pinyin Worksheet Creator is a is a web-tool which you can create your own chinese character and pinyin worksheet to practiced writing, it support create Chinese characters and pinyin stroke order worksheet. Any questin please mail to

Please enter your Chinese character below (characters limit 200):

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Worksheet type: Worksheet like 田      Worksheet like 米      Worksheet like 回 and 米      Worksheet like 回      Worksheet like 口      Worksheet nine block      Worksheet like 田 and egg      Worksheet like egg      No Worksheet
Worksheet Color: Green      Bkack      Red
Character Color: Green      Black      Red
Background colour: Very dark      Dark      Less dark       Less light      Standard      Very light      Hollow character
Character Glyph Standard:Chinese mainland      Hong Kong      Taiwan
Fill page tail: Yes      No
Typeface: Regular Script(support stroke order)      Pang Zhonghua Typeface      Tian Yingzhang Typeface      Custom      
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Please read the following words:

Make sure the right font is installed;
Please check the box "print background image and color" when you print the worksheet;
step 1:enter your Chinese character below, terms separate by ",", click the "Get Pinyin" button;
step 2:confirm the pinyin and update the mistake of polyphone;
step 3:click the "Generate" button;
step 4:print to paper;
Please check the box "print background image and color" when you print the worksheet.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

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